How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books, Remove Kindle DRM

After purchasing Kindle Books from Amazon, If you want to remove Kindle DRM or backup Kindle Books on other devices, this course will tell you how to remove DRM from kindle books in the easiest way.

Generally, the Kindle Books you purchase can't make a backup or be read on other E-readers or computers. In addition, you are also unable to backup or archive your ebook files. If you delete this ebook, maybe you can't find it any more. This text will tell you how to read your Kindle Books or backup your Kindle Books on other devices.

How to remove DRM from Kindle Books:

1. Download and install Kindle for PC. This is an essential step. The ebook copied directly from Kindle device( or other computers) is unable to be converted.

Therefore, all the Kindle Books you want to convert must be downloaded to the current computer via Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac.

Download Kindle for PC   Download Kindle for Mac

2. Use your Amazon account to register Kindle for PC. After registering successfully, you will find all the ebooks you have ordered in Kindle. Then, select the ebook you want to convert, click the right mouse button "Download". After these steps, Kindle will download your ebooks to your computer automatically.

There is a bit disadvantage that if there are many ebooks need to be converted, you have to click and download all these ebooks manually.

After having downloaded all the ebooks you will use, open the folder where Kindle saves file, then you will find the Kindle Books. Because the version of Kindle is different, the storage location might be different, but it is usually saved in below location.

Windows: My Documents\My Kindle Content
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content

Kindle books usually consists of two formats: AZW/AZW3/AZW4 and MOBI. If you have found these ebooks, let's go to next step.

3 methods are introduced below to solve this problem

Method 1: Use Calibre Kindle DRM Removal plugin.

1. If you haven't install Calibre, click here to download and install it. Calibre provides two versions--32 bit and 64 bit. This plugin might be run only with 32 bit Calibre.

>> Click here to download Calibre <<

2. Download Kindle DRM Removal Plugin. After you have downloaded this ZIP file,double click this file to decompress and open it. This file contains the Plugin which we will use in the following steps. For more information, you can click Readme.txt.

3. Install Plugin after it is downloaded successfully. First, click "Preferences" button,then click "Plugins" button on the lower left corner of the new pop-up interface.

Calibre will pop-up Plugin dialog box. In this dialog box, click "Load plugin from file" on the lower right conner, then select the storage location where the downloaded files are saved and click OK. If these steps executes successfully,Calibre will prompt that you have finished installation.

4. When all the things above are done, you can add Kindle Books to Calibre, then Calibre will remove DRM from Kindle books automatically.

Method 2: Use a free python scrip to remove Kindle DRM.

This is an old method. It might be unable to convert new ebooks, but if other methods your tried are useless, you can try to use this method. First, download and install Kindle DRM Removal. Click here to download this tool.

2. Decompress all the contents of the ZIP file.

3. Install Python 2.6, PyCtypto for Windows. You need to install it following the orders. If there is something wrong with the installation orders, the files might not be used.

4. Run KindleBooks.pyw. Input the information related to Kindle Books in the pop-up dialog box.

Input file: Input the files you want to convert.

Output files: Select the storage location of the converted files.

After you have selected the files, click "Start" button to convert.

Method 3: More simple Kindle DRM Removal Tool.

If you want to remove DRM from kindle books with the quickest and most reliable method, you can download a conversion tool which is tailored for Kindle. Almost no complicated step is needed, only by clicking the convert button after you have selected the Kindle Books. Then you you can convert all your Kindle Books quickly to the Ebooks which can be read on any Kindle device.

Kindle DRM Removal for Windows

Kindle DRM Removal for Mac

Through above methods to convert files,you can get 3 formats files: AZW/ MOBI/ TPZ. One thing need to note is that all the above methods don't support Rent mode. That is to say, the downloaded Kindle Books through renting from Amazon can't be converted. If you have some ebooks can't be converted or the the downloaded ebook is damaged, you can try to install Kindle for PC again, then download this ebook again.

If you install the old Kindle for PC, and update the Kindle to new version, maybe the ebooks you download via old version can't be converted. The solution is delete the old ebooks from Kindle folder, then download it again via the new updated Kindle.

At last, after the file is converted successfully, if you want to read it on other devices instead of Kindle, you can try to convert it to EPUB or PDF format.


How to transfer the converted ebooks to other devices?

After the ebook is converted, you can transfer it to other devices to read conveniently. Connecting your driver to computer via USB or WiFi, then copy the files to the folder of the driver.

After I update the version of Kindle, will it prompt me to input Amazon Account?

After you have updated the software, the best way is to stop the authorization to your PC, because the direct covering to install software will result in loss of data.

First, open Kindle, then click "Tools" menu and select Options.

Select "Registration on the left region of the pop-up dialog box, then click "Deregister" on the right region, and click OK button.