Nook DRM Removal Mac /Windows - Download

Nook DRM removal is a good software to help you remove DRM from Barnes & Noble Nook books With just one-click. It supports Barnes & Noble NOOK EPUB and Barnes & Noble PDB file.

Key Features of NOOK DRM Removal: 1. Easy to use. Nook DRM Removal is designed based on a simple and easy-to-use interface. No additional setting is needed when you convert files except adding the files to the software. When you convert Barnes & Noble NOOK Books, you can click "Scan" button to make the software search all the Nook Books automatically that you want to convert, then click "Convert" button. Now all the ebooks will be converted automatically by the software..

Best Quality: Best quality among all the software. Compared with the original file, the content and text will be the same after conversion, and there is even no difference on reading effect.

Saved in a new folder: When the software converts the file, the new file will be saved in a new folder. So you don't need to worry about the original file will be damaged or missing. You can also change the saving folder of the converted file at any anytime.

How to remove DRM from Barnes & Noble Nook books

Barnes & Noble ebook is a standard EPUB file format, but it is different from Adobe Digital Editions EPUB books due to its own algorithm to bound books. Currently, Barnes & Noble bound books with the purchaser's name and CCN. This tutorial tells you how to remove DRM from Barnes & Noble Books in the easiest way.

1. Download and install NOOK DRM Removal.

2. Run this program and choose the Nook Books you want to convert. Nooks Books are usually saved in the below folder.

"My Documents\My Barnes and Noble eBooks"

3. Click "Start" button after you have added the ebooks which need to be converted. A new dialog will pop up to prompt you to input the name and CCN when you purchase the Nook Books.

The dialog will prompt you how to find these information and whether the operation is case-sensitive when input the information. After finishing inputting, you can click "OK" to enter the next step. If the information you input is not correct, this dialog will pop up again.

4. If the software prompts the conversion is finished, click "Open" button to find the new Nook Books.