Kindle to PDF Converter Mac, Convert Kindle to PDF on Mac - Download

Kindle to PDF Converter for Mac is an excellent software to help you convert kindle to pdf books. it works on Mac OS X (10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, or above) and supports all Kindle format, such as AZW, AZW3, AZW4, MOBI, PRC.

If you have many Kindle Books, this tool will make it easy to convert them to standard PDF files on Mac, then you can read Kindle Books on more e-reader devices. After they are converted to PDF, if you want to print your Kindle Books, you can print them through various software. Except for printing, you can also backup them to prevent the ebooks from losing.

Convert Kindle MOBI to PDF on Mac: You can convert all your Kindle Books with MOBI format quickly via this tool. Because MOBI format is not an universal format, seldom E-reader or software supports MOBI ebooks. After you convert MOBI file to PDF file, it will be opened and recognized on more software. The PDF file converted by this software is a completely standard PDF file. After conversion, all the software can open and display the content of the PDF file perfectly.

Convert Kindle AZW to PDF on Mac: Except for supporting MOBI files, this software supports converting AZW, AZW3, AZW4 to PDF as well. AZW - AZW4 is the latest Kindle Books format. Besides containing the features MOBI has, AZW has more new features ( eg:built-in voice, movies). When you convert Kindle to PDF, all the AZW elements except voice and movies can be converted to PDF format perfectly and keep the best quality.

How to convert Kindle to PDF on Mac?

1. First, If you haven't installed Kindle For Mac, click here to download and install Kindle for Mac (this is an essential step). After you have downloaded Kindle for Mac, double click the icon to start Kindle for Mac. If this is the first time you run Kindle for Mac on current computer, Kindle for Mac will prompt you to input your Amazon ID. If the information is correct, Kindle will activate your current computer automatically so that you can visit all the Kindle books you purchased.

Download Kindle for PC   Download Kindle for Mac

2. Run Kindle for Mac and you will see all your Kindle books. Then, find the ebooks you want to convert. By double clicking the cover of the ebook, Kindle will download this ebook automatically from server to current computer.

3. Run Kindle to PDF Converter for Mac, then click "Scan" button. All the Kindle Books you downloaded before will be displayed automatically in the current interface. The new downloaded ebook will be displayed in the front. Click the checkbox on the left to mark the files you want to convert, then click "OK" button, after these steps, the ebooks you want to convert will be added to the conversion list automatically.

4. Finally, click "Start" button, the software will analyze Kindle book and convert it to PDF files. If the files are converted successfully, you will find your new PDF files in below Output file folder.

P.S. Due to the limitation of Amazon Kindle, if you get the Kindle Books from Amazon through Lend/Borrow, they might not be converted. The ebooks you got through other way can be converted successfully. If you find some ebooks can't be converted, you can download them again via Kindle for Mac.