EBook DRM Removal - Download

EBook DRM Removal is an all-in-one tool helping you to remove EBook DRM from mainstream EBooks. It supports EPUB/PDF/Kindle/AZW, Adobe Digital editions, Kindle Books and B&N Nook EBooks, etc.

If you want to remove DRM from EBook, just drag and drop your EBooks into software, and it will strip the DRM automatically.

Easy to use: This software is designed based on an available and intuitive interface. All the contents have been completely automated, so you don't need to set additional parameters. All you need to do is add EBook to the software, and then click "start" button to convert e-books, and finally click "Browse" to get new converted e-books.

Best Quality and speed: Nowadays, it supports various latest version of the EBooks (Kindle Books/EPUB Books/PDF Books/NOOK books), and it won't change any EBook contents during conversion, such as characters, images, layout, CSS and so on (only remove the DRM). So you can get the best quality e-book after conversion. Its conversion speed is very fast, and all your files can be converted in a few seconds.

It supports common EBook formats, such as Adobe EPUB, Barnes &noble Nook books, Sony Library ebook, Kobo books, Kindle Books, etc.

Part 1. Remove DRM from Adobe EPUB/PDF Books

1. For Adobe Digital Editions EPUB/PDF Books, you need to install the Adobe Digital Editions first, then authorize your computer with Adobe ID, and use the Adobe Digital Eidtions to download e-books which are need to be converted.

Adobe Digital Editions for Windows   Adobe Digital Editions for Mac

2. After having downloaded EPUB/PDF ebooks, you can find these files in the below position. Run EBook DRM Removal, then add these files to the conversion list of the software. Because this software supports batch handling, it is possible for you to add various ebooks which you want to convert, and then click "Start" button to convert. The whole conversion process costs little time.

Windows: My Documents\Adobe Digital Editions
Mac: ~/Documents/Digital Editions

3. When the ebooks have been converted, you can click "Open" button to display the storage location of them. If you want to change the storage location, you will realize it by clicking "Browse" button and selecting a new file folder.

Part 2. Remove DRM from Kindle Books

1. For the Kindle Books, you need to install the Kindle for PC first, then authorize your computer with Amazon ID.

Download Kindle for PC   Download Kindle for Mac

2. Try to open the EBook on the current computer, and make sure if it can be read normally, or if there any defects. If it can't be read or have defect, you can download the EBook again on the current computer.

Windows: My Documents\My Kindle Content
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content

3. Run the software. Click "Add" button to add the file which need to be converted, then click "Start" button to convert. After conversion, the converted EBooks can be found by clicking "View" button.

Part 3. Remove DRM from B&N Nook Books

For the Nook books, because Nook books has binding the ebooks with your personal information, when you are ready to remove DRM from nooks books, you need to find these information first.

If you have forgot the previous used information, these information still can be found in below position.

  • 1. Sign in Nook website first.
  • 2. Click the corresponding button according to the position shown in below image.
  • 3. Find the information you need in below position.

The first line is your Number and the second line is your Name. These records are case-sensitive, and even one letter is not permitted to be wrong. Therefore, the best way to write down these information is to copy them directly by shortcut key.

After you have recorded these information successfully, let's move to the next step.

1. Install Nook for PC (or Nook for Mac).

Nook for Windows   Nook for Mac

After having installed and activated Nook, it will display all the ebooks you purchased automatically, then you can double click the cover of the ebook in the interface, Nook will start to download this ebook.

Windows: My Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks
Mac: ~/Documents/My Barnes & Noble eBooks

2. Run EBook DRM Removal after you have downloaded the ebooks you want to convert, then add Nook books to the conversion list.

3. Click "Start" button to convert. The conversion speed of this software for Nook Books is also very fast. After all the files are converted, you can click "Open" button to find new Nook books.


1. All the ebooks usually can be converted successfully. If you find the book can't be converted, it might be damaged during transfer. The solution is to download this ebook again through Adobe Digital Editions(or Kindle), then convert it.

2.Sometimes, if you have updated the Adobe Digital Editions( or Kindle) version, this update might lead to the ebook can't be converted. To solve this problem, you can delete previous ebook and install Adobe Digital Editions(or Kindle) again, then re-download this ebook.

3. If you want to read your ebooks on different e-readers, you can convert these ebooks to other ebook format which is easy to be recognized (such as EPUB to PDF, EPUB to Kindle).