EBook DRM Removal Mac - Download

EBook DRM Removal Mac is an EBook DRM Removal tool which is specially designed for Mac system. It helps you to remove DRM from EPUB books, PDF books and Kindle books quickly.

EBook DRM Removal Mac supports all the Mac operation systems (eg 10.6,10.7,10.8,10.9). It also supports common ebook formats, such as Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle books and Nook Books. If you want to remove DRM from EBook, just drag and drop your ebooks into software and it will strip the DRM automatically.

It supports Adobe Digital Editions totally: when you want to remove DRM from EPUB or PDF books on Mac OS, it will help you to finish this task quickly. Although EPUB/PDF contains all kinds of complicated contents, this software can make sure that the converted file keeps the same with original EPUB/PDF during conversion, and there is no change in the physical structure.

It supports Kindle Books: It is a conversion tool which supports all Kindle format ebooks and can convert AZW, AZW3, AZW4 perfectly on Mac. After the file is converted, you can read it on any E-readers. You can also convert Kindle Books to PDF or other common formats as your wish.

It supports B&N Nook Books: It is easy to convert Nook Books on Mac. Nooks books is a special EPUB format which is different from some common Adobe EPUB files. When you want to remove DRM from nook, this tool will help you to finish it easily. The converted file will be a standard EPUB file.

Part 1. Remove DRM from EPUB/PDF Books on Mac

1.It is really simple to convert Adobe EPUB books on Mac with this tool. First, click below link to download and install Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions for Windows   Adobe Digital Editions for Mac

Currently, Adobe Digital Editions has two common versions, Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 and Adobe Digital Editions 2.0. No matter which version you have, both of them can run normally. If some of your ebooks can't be converted, you can try to update it to Adobe 1.7 or Adobe 2.0 then convert the ebook again.

2. After the software has been downloaded, you can double click it to open it. If this is the first time to run the program, it will prompt you to input your Adobe ID. After you do this, it will activate the current computer so that you can visit all your ebooks normally.


3. Double click the ebook that need to be converted, then Adobe Digital Editions will download this ebook to your computer. The ebook will be saved in below position after it is downloaded successfully.

Windows: My Documents\Adobe Digital Editions
Mac: ~/Documents/Digital Editions

4. After the EPUB/PDF file is downloaded, you can start to convert it now. Run EBook DRM Removal, then click "Add" button to select the ebook which you downloaded just now.

5. You can add multiple ebooks simultaneously on Mac. After the files are added, you need to click "Start" button, then the software will convert these ebooks automatically. The whole process is automatic, all the ebooks will be converted in sequence.

6. Finally, click "Open" button to find these ebooks. All the new converted ebooks will keep the same displaying effect with the original ones. Only by copying them to other devices, you can start to read these ebooks.

Part 2. Remove DRM from Kindle AZW/AZW3/AZW4 Books on Mac

1. If you want to remove DRM from kindle books, you will realize this thought easily via this tool. First you need to download and install Kindle for Mac on Mac operation system.

Download Kindle for PC   Download Kindle for Mac

2. Run Kindle for Mac. If this is the first time you run Kindle for Mac, Kindle will prompt you to input your Amazon ID which will be used to activate current Mac device. If your Computer has been activated, when you run it, you will find all your Kindle books on the main interface.


3. You can select one ebook you like and double click the cover of this ebook,then Kindle will transmit this ebook from server to current computer. After the ebook has been downloaded successfully, you can find this ebook on below position, but it is waiting to be converted and can't be used now.

4. Run EBook DRM Removal for Mac. You can click "Add" button to add the ebook which is downloaded just now,. You may also select multiple files simultaneously in the dialog box.

Windows: My Documents\My Kindle Content
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content

5. Click "Start" button to convert. This software will analyze all kinds of Kindle Books types and convert different files (AZW1,AZW3,AZW4 etc) at the same time. When the software prompts the conversion is finished, you can find these converted files in Output Folder.

P.S. When your Kindle Books is purchased through Rent model, maybe they can't be converted. Only the ebooks are purchased by full payment (discounted price is OK) can be converted.

Part 3. Remove DRM from B&N Nook Books on Mac

This tool also supports remove DRM from nook books, so that you can read your nook books on Kindle, iPhone or iPad easily.

1. You can copy your Nook books from other devices to current computer directly. The other more effective way is to download the Nook Books that you want to convert via Nook for Mac. If you haven't installed Nook dor Mac, you can download and install it.

Nook for Windows   Nook for Mac

2. Run Nook for Mac. The new Nook for Mac interface is neater, if this the first time that you use this software on current computer, it will pop-up a dialog box prompting you to input your Nook ID. After you input Nook ID, it will activate current computer automatically, then you can find all the ebooks you purchased from Nook.

3. Find those ebooks that you want to convert in the software, then double click them in sequence. After this step, your ebooks will be downloaded automatically from server to current computer. If the ebooks are downloaded to current computer in order, you will find them in below position.

Windows: My Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks
Mac: ~/Documents/My Barnes & Noble eBooks

4. Run EBook DRM Removal for Mac and click "Add" button to add those downloaded ebooks to this software.

5. Finally, click "Start" button to convert your Nook Books. This software converts Nook books in a rather fast speed. Only within a few minutes, you will get the new Nook Books.


1. All the ebooks usually can be converted, when you find your ebook can't be converted, you can backup the old ebook first, then download this ebook again via Adobe Digital Editions (or Kindle). After the file has been converted, if you want to read it on other e-readers, you can try to convert it to other different formats.

2. If your ebook format is ACSM, you can double click this file directly on current computer, then Adobe will download the corresponding ACSM ebook file. If the ebook is downloaded successfully, its cover will display on Adobe Digital Editions. If not, you can sign in the website where you bought the ebook, then download this ACSM file again.