Adobe PDF EPUB DRM Removal - Download

Adobe PDF EPUB DRM Removal is an excellent tool to help you remove DRM from EPUB or PDF files. When you want to read your EPUB or PDF files on other reader (eg: iPad, iPhone NOOK,Sony eReader), this tool will help you to finish this task quickly.

Features: 1. Support Adobe Digital Editions completely. It is the first tool that supports Adobe EPUB and Adobe PDF totally. All the Adobe EPUB files can be analyzed and converted quickly, meanwhile, the conversion quality and displaying effect won't be affected during the conversion. For the big file which is more than 20MB, it is also convenient to convert this kind of file.

2. Find the file which is needed to be converted easily. It is very fast to search all the Adobe EPUB files which are saved in the current computer. When you want to convert EPUB files, you can find all the files you want to convert quickly only by clicking "Scan" button. This tool also supports batch handling, that is to say, you can convert multiple files simultaneously. Therefore, you can import the whole folder of the file to the software, then the software will convert all the files in the list in sequence.

3. No altering to the file. When you convert the ebooks, this tool will save the new converted file to a new folder. It won't revise or move the current file, therefore, all the ebook files are safe and there will be no file missing.

4. Best Quality: No matter the file is EPUB format or PDF, best conversion quality will be ensured during conversion. This software has optimized design respectively for EPUB and PDF. After conversion, the displaying effect of the converted file will be totally the same as the original file while reading on e-reader.

How to remove DRM from EPUB/PDF

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer when you want to remove DRM from EPUB/PDF files.

2. Download the ebooks you want to convert via Adobe Digital Editions after you install Adobe Digital Editions successfully. If having downloaded the ebooks, you need to open your EPUB/PDF ebooks through Adobe Digital Editions. If it can display the ebook contents normally, it shows that your ebook can be converted, otherwise, you need to use Adobe Digital Editions to download this ebook again.

3. Run Adobe PDF EPUB DRM Removal. Click "Add" button to select the file you want to convert. Generally, the folder it opens automatically is the default location where Adobe saves file. If your file is saved in other folder, you can change the location in this dialog box.

4. Click "OK" button to add the file which need to be converted to the conversion list. You can add several files to this list at the same time. When all the files have been added, click "Start" button to convert.

5. Click "Open" button to find these new ebooks when the software prompts that all the files have been converted. Now you can read these new ebooks on any e-readers.

What should I do when some files on my computer can't be converted?

When you find some files can be converted and some can't be converted on your computer, it might be caused for the following reasons:

  • 1. You have updated the version of Adobe on your current computer.
  • 2. You changed the Adobe ID.

Part of detail differences existing in downloaded EPUB ebook might be caused by different Adobe Version. If you changed the Adobe ID, the ebooks you downloaded by the old Adobe ID can't be read. The solution is switch the Adobe ID again to the old ID.

The best way to solve the problems caused by different reasons is download this ebook again.

How to use Adobe Digital Editions to download this ebook again?

1.If you have installed Adobe Digital Editions, you can use Adobe ID to register the current computer again.

1-1: Open Adobe Digital Editions, press the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+D (CMD+Shift+D in Mac), then click "Earse Authorization" on bottom right corner and select "OK" button in the newly pop-up dialog box.

1-2: Start Adobe Digital Editions again, click "Authorize Computer" in the help menu and input your information again, then click "OK" button.

1-3: Move and save the EPUB/PDF file to other folder in the below folder. This step is to make room for downloading new ebooks.

2. If your EPUB/PDF ebooks is ordered from online website, please sign in this website first. After signing in successfully, you need to find the ordered ebooks and click "Download" button again.

An ACSM file will be downloaded to your current computer. By double clicking ACSM file, Adobe will start working and download this ebook. After finishing download, EPUB ebook will appear in the main interface of Adobe. You can open and read this ebook by double clicking the corresponding book cover. When you can read this ebook successfully, you will find the new ebook by opening the below folder on computer.

Windows: My Documents\Adobe Digital Editions
Mac: Documents/Digital Editions