Adobe DRM Removal - Download

Adobe DRM Removal is an excellent DRM remover tool to help you remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions EPUB/PDF books with just 1 click, and it supports both Adobe EPUB and Adobe PDF books.

Adobe DRM Removal has simplified various operation steps, therefore, no complicated knowledge or operation step is needed. You can convert all your EPUB/PDF Books easily only by clicking the mouse. After the files are converted, you can read your EPUB books on other ereader (Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, Nook,Kobo, Sony eReader, Android, etc).

Support Adobe EPUB/PDF completely: It totally supports all the versions of Adobe EPUB and PDF books. Adobe EPUB/PDF are two different file formats. Due to the different design purpose, the physical file structures of EPUB and PDF are totally different. Currently, mainstream ebook retailers can't provide EPUB and PDF ebooks at the same time, but this tool supports EPUB and PDF books simultaneously, and it can help you to convert all he Adobe EPUB/PDF Books.

The best conversion quality: No matter your ebook is Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF, after the file is converted, it still keeps the best quality and display effect. This software can analyze all the file structures and various interior contents among Adobe Books, therefore, all the original contents can be kept without damage or loss after conversion. When you read the converted ebook, you will find that there is no difference between the new ebook and the original one.

How to remove Adobe EPUB/PDF DRM from Adobe Digital Editions:

1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions has two main versions now -- 1.7 and 2.0. The conversion of Adobe Books under these two versions is very stable, and almost all the files can be converted.

If you haven't installed Adobe Digital Editions on current computer before, download and install it first, and Adobe Digital Editions will prompt you to input your Adobe ID to activate current computer if this is the first time to run Adobe Digital Editions.

2. Use Adobe Digital Editions to open your EPUB/PDF books. If you can open and read this ebook normally, it means that this ebook is ok and can be converted successfully. If it can't be opened or some of the contents can't be displayed, you need to download this ebook via Adobe Digital Editions again.

3. Download and install Adobe DRM Removal. After you start Adobe DRM Removal, click "Add" button to select your adobe EPUB/PDF books. You can select multiple files at the same time, then click "OK" button to finish adding the files.

4. Click "Start" button. All the files will be converted quickly. And the new created file will be saved in "Output Folder" without covering the original files.

5. After the files are converted successfully, you will find the new Adobe EPUB/PDF books by opening Output Folder. Now all these files can be recognised by any programs. When you want to transfer these files, you can make it by copying them to other devices.